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MT Fitness opens its doors in Amsterdam

Luxury 4 Life PR brought together fitness enthusiasts and the press to TRX’s gym opening.
MT Fitness


Amsterdam Friday 20th February 2015 – Luxury 4 Life PR hosted the grand opening of MT Fitness gym located in Amstelstroomlaan, near Sparklerweg, it is easy accessible by car and public transportation.


From 19.00 to 22.00, spectators were treated to great food and drinks while they mingled. The guests got a chance to see the facility and received demonstrations of various equipment. The gym features the innovative products by TRX, which were named the hottest workouts by GQ magazine. The TRX products are originally used by the US Navy SEALs and focus on using your own body weight as a tool to give you a full body workout that tightens your core, build muscles, and burn calories. The facility’s equipment includes the ultra-durable straps with rubber handles, resistance cord, punching bags, and weights.


Next to the products, the facility also had inspirational quotes written on the walls to encourage people to keep going for their fitness goals. Our favorite quote was definitely “Since you were born, what has your body done for you…? Since you were born, what have you done for your body…”.


If you are looking for a gym that will give you a total body workout that focuses on endurance, power, balance, and flexibility with the best trainers, who are available for personal and group training, we definitely advise you to check out MT Fitness, you will not regret it!


Check them out: http://www.mtfitness.nl/
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