NATTHIDA – Timeless craftsmanship and glamour


Although the mass-production of clothes in the last decades has made fashion more affordable and accessible, it certainly came at a price: the garments we buy at chain-stores and retail outlets are tailored for a “standard” body type, and they are often not made to last very long. Moreover, they usually lack in detailed finishing or real quality fabrics.

This is what makes NATTHIDA stand out among so many other brands: a collection of glamorously high-end, hand-made exclusive dresses that raise the standards of modern-day fashion and tailoring. The garments are made to last and are as timeless as they are fashion-forward. NATTHILDA showcases craftsmanship, high-quality materials and an undeniable beauty throughout the entire collection. Every NATTHILDA piece is truly something special and bound to make you stand out in a crowd.

Located in the city center of Antwerp, NATTHILDA might very wel be the capital’s best-kept secret. The growingly popular brand combines the boutique-experience of an experienced designer and seamstress with an exquisite sales and support team that is aimed at helping you create your ultimate dream dress. Forget mass-production, and get ready to experience the glamorous feel of a dress that breathes luxurious exclusivity as well as high and respectable fashion values. A look at their website will give you a taste of what NATTHILDA can mean for you. Or even better, visit their store and let that evening gown, cocktail or wedding dress capture you. Believe us when we say: heads will turn!



Kipdorpvest 41
2000 Antwerpen (Belgium)

+32 478 251 676

Open hours
11:00 – 18:00 monday – saturday
Closed on sunday & public holidays

For a dress made-to-measure, please make an appointment.